WhirlPool Jet Boat

Jet boat Rescue

Race Boat dies on Salmon River race and is rescued by the safety boat. It was said the boats pump started failing and caused it to quit. The safety boat is c…

GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition: RC Boat Test

This is a Zipp Kits ABox Crackerbox RC Boat that me and my dad built. It has a RCMK Evo 254 gas engine on it. Will reach speeds of 50+ mph. This was filmed o…
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Idaho jet boats take trip to Niagara

Idaho jet boats take trip to Niagara
"When we got back down through Whirlpool it felt like we jumped over the moon," he said. Bohnenkamp is partnering with a man from the Niagara Falls area to run jet boat tours in the gorge. They will go from Youngstown, N.Y., to just below Whirlpool.
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